Another reason why I rak. Out of the house and to a gig using public transportation.

December 23, 2011
Reason number 268 why I rak!

Last night, I used all public transportation to get to a Sacramento belly dance gig. Why does that rak? Out of my care for the environment and reducing my carbon pawprint, I was able to not drive a car at all to belly dance in Sacramento. How does one go about this fabulous event procedure? I started my green environmental night by having my sugar daddy drive me an hour south to belly dance at this great pizza restaurant in Modesto. I don't like when he stays to watch because I get less tips from men so I sent him back north to Sacramento.
Later when I was done with 5 sets, I called my friend in Turlock, which is south of Modesto, to take me back up north to Sacramento for a show at a hookah lounge. My friend was a great help and started the tipping by stuffing dollars down my top to show the other restaurant patrons what to do. I got 3 more dollars and 3 phone numbers after that! I rakked that place! 3 drinks later I was ready to call it a fabulous night so I called my momager to drive her SUV to pick me up. She said next time I rak out at a hookah bar late into the night, I should take the bus home. I told her only homeless people ride the bus and besides, buses are so big and pollute a lot, which would go against my green belly dance performing. There you have it! A night of gigging without driving using my adoring public transportation. I love saving the environment and I love being able to rak! Out sourcing your driving is a great way to help mother nature!

In the Holiday Spirit

November 30, 2011
To honor the holiday season, I have written a song that lucky customers will receive free of charge when they hire me to dance at their Sacramento Holiday party.

Book the Cous  (To the tune of Deck the Halls)

Book the Couscous for your party.
La la la la la la la la la
If you don't then you'll be sorry
La la la la la la la la la

I will come and shake things u-up
La la la la la la la la la la la la
I am the best belly dancer
La la la la la la la la la

Oh time for another amazing gig that you'll never ...
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Artistic Philosophy of Belly Dance

November 2, 2011
Attention, money and free drinks from men. That's what being an artist is all about.

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Dear Couscous on Body Tipping

November 2, 2011
Dear Couscous,
Is it true that belly dancing is actually related to some kind of culture? I was pretty sure it was just a nice American way to sexy-dance, but I hear that sometimes people body tip. WTF? - Katy Rowe

My illustrious answer: Belly dance started as a way for women to entice their husbands so it is and has always been a sexy-dance. I think the dance comes from India or one of those other hot countries (hence the skimpy costumes!). Slutty dancers take body tips and it is a to...
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Hire a Sacto Belly Dancer to Belly Dance in Sacramento

October 9, 2011
Are you interested in hiring a Sacramento belly dancer? Look no further. I am your the best belly dancer for hire!

The key to hiring the best Sacramento belly dancer is to make sure she does belly dance in Sacramento. Not Guatemala. Not Tijuana. Not Orlando or Las Vegas (well, I can be an Orlando belly dancer or a Las Vegas belly dancer if I can piggyback a trip to Disney or the Strip onto your special event!)

But it's not enough just to hire any old belly dancer. She must be the Best Belly Dan...
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Dear Couscous: On Wedgies and Shimmies

September 21, 2011
Dear Couscous,

Hey, I have a problem with shimmying. Every time I get a good shimmy going, I get a horrible wedgie. What's the best way to fix this?

Yours Truly,

- Twisted Knickers

Dear Twisted,

Thank you for submitting your stupid question to my world-famous blog! Like you, I've suffered from some pretty heinous wedgies throughout the duration of my dance career. To become an award-winning dancer, I've had to frequently compete against my brother in backyard belly dance championships. Let's ...

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Top 5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Dog to Belly Dance at Your Party

August 24, 2011
So you're planning the party of the century and you're shopping around for the best belly dance entertainment money can buy. Well, if you're looking to hire the best, then you've probably ruled out all other options from the moment you landed on my website. If you're looking for the worst entertainment, then by all means, hire a dog.

Here are some scientifically proven facts on why dogs make terrible belly dancers. Google them.

5. They Smell Bad. REALLY Bad. I'm sure you've seen those ads for...
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New Advice Column "Dear Couscous"

August 22, 2011
Because I know so much more about bellydance than all of you, I've decided to help all the bellydancers who want to be as fabulous as I am, but don't know how. Write me an email or send me a note on Facebook and I'll answer all your little questions with the deep knowledge of art that comes from being the one and only Couscous. Often imitated, never duplicated. Sometimes sedated. What can I say? I love the catnip.

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I am the best belly dancer in the world because I feel the music!

August 16, 2011
A raving fan just told me that I was the best belly dancer in the world! I would have to agree with her, but also remind her that I said that first. What makes someone the best belly dancer in the world? Well, for one, I am a true Middle Eastern dance artist and I can really feel the music better than most. I have been known to be moved to tears in the middle of my routines because of how well I can channel my emotions and express them. I don't really know what they are singing about in those...
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Why I Rak!

July 30, 2011
Hello raving fans!

You're in luck because today I am going to indulge all the requests I've received from you adoring fans to write about my wonderful belly dance life and why I am the most in-demand belly dancer in all of Sacramento! Please enjoy reading my blog because my life is so much more exciting than yours and my opinions are worth more than gold because of my ability to rak the house wherever I go!

Read on lucky fans about why I rak!

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