Dear Couscous,
Is it true that belly dancing is actually related to some kind of culture? I was pretty sure it was just a nice American way to sexy-dance, but I hear that sometimes people body tip. WTF? - Katy Rowe

My illustrious answer: Belly dance started as a way for women to entice their husbands so it is and has always been a sexy-dance. I think the dance comes from India or one of those other hot countries (hence the skimpy costumes!). Slutty dancers take body tips and it is a totally disgusting and offensive and degrading to do. We belly dancers dance to please men and become famous, not to make money!

Follow-up question: what about belly dancers who are not interested in men, so to speak? Is it only about the fame for them? - Katy Rowe

I give it to her straight:
Many belly dancers are "not interested in men," because belly dance is a dance for women and by women. We spend so much time with other women in our dance classes and such, it's totally tempting to become lesbians.

But they dance for men, anyway, because men are turned on by lesbians and try to buy them drinks.
It's a fact documented in many adult films.

And there you have it Katy! Attention, money and free drinks from men. That's what being an artist is all about.