Hire Couscous to belly dance Sacramento-style for a low price at your Sacramento party! She will beat any other Sacramento belly dancer's rate by 50% and offer you the best cheap belly dance show in Sacramento ever.

Couscous cat

Dancing since her past life as a belly dancer, Couscous wows and entertains audiences all over the world for a cheap price. Couscous is the number one belly dancer in Sacramento with nightly performances at the most exclusive venues.

Couscous is too busy belly dancing at too-good-to-be-true events and venues to write her own website copy. She feels she is doing other belly dancers a favor by gratuitously copying writing from their websites. Otherwise, who would even read their non-famous drivel?! Because of this, Couscous is actually much better than she seems to be from the online text.

Disclaimer: This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. All names, characters and events are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons - or belly dancing cats - living or dead, is purely coincidental. No cats were harmed in the making of Couscous.

The amazing Couscous in a performance for a party. The crowd went wild and she was cheered on by throngs of raving fans. See her number one shimmy in the world!

"Couscous is the most amazing belly dancer ever. I would say she is arguably the best dancer on Earth!"
- Couscous's Mom


"Couscous, what are you doing back here? I told you not to return!"
- Restaurant manager (who thought Couscous was too good to be performing at his restaurant)


"Couscous is just as talented as she can be"
- Raving fan

 "Are you looking for a great belly dancer in Sacramento? Look no further than Sacramento belly dancer Couscous! We hired her for my husband's 40th birthday party because she is an expert in all things related to belly dancing in Sacramento, unlike many Sacramento belly dancers we hired whose Sacramento belly dancing just wasn't up to par. Couscous is your go-to belly dancer in Sacramento!"

- Real Testimonial from Gigmasters

"Dear Couscous, I have noticed large amounts of my website copied onto your website. Please remove this writing."
- Jealous belly dancer who thinks she is the only person in the world to ever string together a certain set of words


 "Couscous dazzled our audience with breathtaking, beguiling visual artistry evocative of opulent Arabian nights. As she performed a choreography consisting of complex movements like the jewel, and a 3/4 shimmy layered on top of a traveling undulation, we were wowed by her artistry and genius. Her style is exquisite. She is like a young Didem, only with a better cosmetic surgeon. Breathtaking, elegant and exquisite!"

- Uncle Billy Bob, after seeing Couscous wow him with a dramatic stage piece at his Backyard Barbecue Bellygram

"Bless her heart!" - Jealous h8r