Hire a Cheap Belly Dancer for Your Sacramento Wedding!

Congratulations on your Sacramento wedding! From buying  the most expensive gown in the bridal salon, to hiring a celebrity wedding planner, and making sure every piece of cocktail shrimp is served in an ice sculpture shaped like a swan, you've probably spent most of your budget by now. That's where Couscous comes in! For the price of one slice of wedding cake and a few Jordan almonds, you can have a high-end, award-winning belly dancer that's sure to amaze, and even upstage you on your special day.

Couscous is an avid watcher of the TLC channel and has seen gazillions of weddings on TV. She has also attended a few weddings as a guest, which means she
knows exactly what your Sacramento wedding will be like. Since she has never actually performed at a wedding and sees no difference between a backyard birthday performance for 20 people vs. a full 300 guest wedding in a grand ballroom, she charges the same cheap rate to belly dance at your wedding in Sacramento. Your wedding is of the upmost importance to Couscous and no details will be overlooked when it comes to making Couscous the only thing your guests will remember at your wedding. 

Cheap Belly Dancer for Destination Weddings in Orlando

Did you know Orlando is the second most popular destination for weddings in the United States? Orlando is also Couscous's favorite destination for sun, fun and Disney vacations! Unlike many greedy Orlando wedding belly dancers, who charge as much as $300 for wedding entertainment, Couscous will happily waive her travel expenses AND her performance fee just so she can ride Space Mountain and walk around the Orlando theme parks in her belly dance costume! You pay absolutely nothing out of pocket,* and Couscous gets to cavort around a theme park with giant mice. Talk about a win-win for your wedding day! 

Couscous is also available for destination weddings in Vegas, Hawaii and Dubai. Not places like Idaho, because there's nothing to do in Idaho.

*Suggested Donation: One slice of wedding cake


"Wow! You caught the bouquet! Who's the lucky tomcat?" - Couscous's sister, Halva

"You look so pretty in your bridesmaid's dress, Couscous. Honeysuckle really is your color!" - Couscous's mom

"Couscous, we would love to feature you on Bridezillas, unfortunately, upon review of your promotional materials, we decided to go for another belly dancer out of concern that you might outdo the histrionics of our brides." - TLC Program Director who wouldn't know talent if it bit him in the nose

Couscous makes the groom very happy!