Marvel at Couscous's Innovative Specialties!

Are you tired of the same old BORING belly dancers who force you to sit down and watch them do old-fashioned Grandma-style raks sharki while they torture you with screechy Middle Eastern music from the Terrorist Land? We (and by we, I mean, my momager, my sugar daddy and all of my Facebook minions) don't blame you at all! ART EVOLVES, and Couscous firmly believes that if it looks and sounds like classic Middle Eastern dance, it just ain't good enough for today's sex-crazed, attention-deficit audiences. While other Sacramento belly dancers fail to deliver, Couscous will WOW you with more Amazing Feats of Strength and showbiz gimmicks than you can shake one of those corny spangled canes at. (Does anyone but Great Aunt Gertrude dance with those anymore?) And the best part of all? Couscous's Circus of Props and Gymnastics costs $100 for 1 hour of action-packed dancing!

"What on earth did we just see? That did NOT look like belly dance in any way, shape or form!" - Egyptian grandma who was wowed by Couscous's AMAZING candle-helmet act

Couscous's Many Patented Inventions:

The Spooky Alien-Deflecting Candle-Helmet: Ancient Egypt was plagued by extra-terrestrial invasions. (Just watch Ancient Aliens on TV. It's very factual!) As a precursor to today's alien-deflecting tinfoil hat, ancient Egyptians wore candle-helmets to shield themselves from the mind-controlling rays of their belligerent intergalactic would-be captors. Couscous performs a historic rendition of this ancient routine, featuring a staged fight and love scene with a "REAL" extra-terrestrial entity, to the popular song "E.T." by Katy Perry. She is also available to teach historical lectures on this topic.

The Dangerous and Devious Fire FanVeilzzz of DOOM: Fire Poi + Fan Veils = an exciting fusion of today's trendiest and most overused belly dance props! Think about it: everybody does fan veils, and everybody spins poi, but only Couscous had the genius idea to set her fan veils on fire and swing them at her crowd. Watch your audience run screaming for the nearest fire exit! Fire Code be damned! Spectacle is more important than safety in Big Showbiz. That's why your guests will love Couscous's Flaming Fire Fanveilzzz of DOOM! Disclaimer: If anyone in your crowd gets injured during this point of Couscous's show, that's their own stupid fault, and Couscous is not liable for any legal shenanigans that go down, under Provision No. 9173917198 of the Statute of Liberty habeus corpus quid pro quo llama llama drama yo mama. (A bunch of legal stuff that Couscous's mom told her to say).

The Whimsical Glowing Hamster Ball Poi! Everybody loved the Hamster Dance when it first took the Internet by storm. Now, witness a real live Hamster Dance, as Couscous swings glowing hamster balls, poi-style, to Farid el-Atrache's most popular hit, The Hamster Dance! Yes, those ARE real hamsters! Couscous personally rescues hamsters from the pet store to save them from their lives of drudgery and turns them each into a star for their 2-week lifespan. You can feel good knowing that your party entertainment directly supports the lives of underprivileged rodents!

Wings of Elvis: Couscous has no idea who Elvis Presley is, but most old people (individuals over the age of 25) apparently think he's the Bee's Knees. So Couscous wears one of those pleated capes and twirls around with it, framing her movements and striking ancient Pharaonic-inspired poses. Many imitations exist, usually by the name of Wings of Isis, but Couscous invented it first, so therefore, her version is the best!

Every Type of World Dance But the Arab Kind: Couscous likes to "surprise" her clients by dancing to whatever type of music she wants, whatever style of dancing she wants, whenever she wants. Will she do Bollywood to Flamenco music? Hula to Polka music? Irish step dance to debke? It's all a surprise! Couscous also specializes in controversial performances, see: Armenian dance at Turkish weddings, or Israeli music at Palestinian events. The one common thread in all of Couscous's worldly dances is burlesque, as she loves to fuse striptease into any and every world dance form for family-friendly entertainment!