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Dear Couscous on Body Tipping

Posted by Couscous on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, In : Dear Couscous 
Dear Couscous,
Is it true that belly dancing is actually related to some kind of culture? I was pretty sure it was just a nice American way to sexy-dance, but I hear that sometimes people body tip. WTF? - Katy Rowe

My illustrious answer: Belly dance started as a way for women to entice their husbands so it is and has always been a sexy-dance. I think the dance comes from India or one of those other hot countries (hence the skimpy costumes!). Slutty dancers take body tips and it is a to...
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Dear Couscous: On Wedgies and Shimmies

Posted by Couscous on Wednesday, September 21, 2011, In : Dear Couscous 
Dear Couscous,

Hey, I have a problem with shimmying. Every time I get a good shimmy going, I get a horrible wedgie. What's the best way to fix this?

Yours Truly,

- Twisted Knickers

Dear Twisted,

Thank you for submitting your stupid question to my world-famous blog! Like you, I've suffered from some pretty heinous wedgies throughout the duration of my dance career. To become an award-winning dancer, I've had to frequently compete against my brother in backyard belly dance championships. Let's ...

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New Advice Column "Dear Couscous"

Posted by Couscous on Monday, August 22, 2011, In : Dear Couscous 
Because I know so much more about bellydance than all of you, I've decided to help all the bellydancers who want to be as fabulous as I am, but don't know how. Write me an email or send me a note on Facebook and I'll answer all your little questions with the deep knowledge of art that comes from being the one and only Couscous. Often imitated, never duplicated. Sometimes sedated. What can I say? I love the catnip.

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