A raving fan just told me that I was the best belly dancer in the world! I would have to agree with her, but also remind her that I said that first. What makes someone the best belly dancer in the world? Well, for one, I am a true Middle Eastern dance artist and I can really feel the music better than most. I have been known to be moved to tears in the middle of my routines because of how well I can channel my emotions and express them. I don't really know what they are singing about in those songs, but it doesn't matter because I connect with the music on a much deeper level than what the words could ever express. Other dancers comment that crying during Shik Shak Shok just doesn't make sense, but they truly don't understand the true meaning of that soulful song. They only wish that they could feel the emotional nuances in that song that I do! I don't expect them to really understand because of their talent limitations. One day they will "get it" and know I was right all along.
Fans always ask how I can so clearly communicate the emotions I sense in the music. The secret is that I pull out old emotional memories while I am dancing like the time I got my head stuck in a paper bag or the last time I had to take a water bath to get rid of my fleas. That is how I make the expressions so real. Feeling the music and expressing the song's emotion are two more reasons why I rak!