Reason number 268 why I rak!

Last night, I used all public transportation to get to a Sacramento belly dance gig. Why does that rak? Out of my care for the environment and reducing my carbon pawprint, I was able to not drive a car at all to belly dance in Sacramento. How does one go about this fabulous event procedure? I started my green environmental night by having my sugar daddy drive me an hour south to belly dance at this great pizza restaurant in Modesto. I don't like when he stays to watch because I get less tips from men so I sent him back north to Sacramento.
Later when I was done with 5 sets, I called my friend in Turlock, which is south of Modesto, to take me back up north to Sacramento for a show at a hookah lounge. My friend was a great help and started the tipping by stuffing dollars down my top to show the other restaurant patrons what to do. I got 3 more dollars and 3 phone numbers after that! I rakked that place! 3 drinks later I was ready to call it a fabulous night so I called my momager to drive her SUV to pick me up. She said next time I rak out at a hookah bar late into the night, I should take the bus home. I told her only homeless people ride the bus and besides, buses are so big and pollute a lot, which would go against my green belly dance performing. There you have it! A night of gigging without driving using my adoring public transportation. I love saving the environment and I love being able to rak! Out sourcing your driving is a great way to help mother nature!