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Top 5 Reasons NOT to Hire a Dog to Belly Dance at Your Party

Posted by Couscous on Wednesday, August 24, 2011,
So you're planning the party of the century and you're shopping around for the best belly dance entertainment money can buy. Well, if you're looking to hire the best, then you've probably ruled out all other options from the moment you landed on my website. If you're looking for the worst entertainment, then by all means, hire a dog.

Here are some scientifically proven facts on why dogs make terrible belly dancers. Google them.

5. They Smell Bad. REALLY Bad. I'm sure you've seen those ads for...
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New Advice Column "Dear Couscous"

Posted by Couscous on Monday, August 22, 2011, In : Dear Couscous 
Because I know so much more about bellydance than all of you, I've decided to help all the bellydancers who want to be as fabulous as I am, but don't know how. Write me an email or send me a note on Facebook and I'll answer all your little questions with the deep knowledge of art that comes from being the one and only Couscous. Often imitated, never duplicated. Sometimes sedated. What can I say? I love the catnip.

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I am the best belly dancer in the world because I feel the music!

Posted by Couscous on Tuesday, August 16, 2011, In : Why I Rak! 
A raving fan just told me that I was the best belly dancer in the world! I would have to agree with her, but also remind her that I said that first. What makes someone the best belly dancer in the world? Well, for one, I am a true Middle Eastern dance artist and I can really feel the music better than most. I have been known to be moved to tears in the middle of my routines because of how well I can channel my emotions and express them. I don't really know what they are singing about in those...
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